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Give all coaches and players on your team access to the full library of practice plans, drills, skill breakdowns, and development progressions. 

Custom Plan Sharing

Going premium allows coaches to share their own custom practice plans with other coaches directly in-app to help coordinate practices more efficiently. 

Custom Drill Sharing

Share your own custom drill breakdown videos with players on your team to help them improve faster both on and off the field. 

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Team Size Comparisons


($3 per player)

Team Size Limits

  • 2 Coaches

  • 20 Players

  • 20 Parents 


($2.50 per player)

Team Size Limits

  • 5 Coaches

  • 50 Players

  • 50 Parents 


($2 per player)

Team Size Limits

  • 15 Coaches

  • 150 Players

  • 150 Parents 

  • Can be divided between 3 teams

Packages for Associations & Leagues

Discounted Premium
Team Upgrades

Provide all teams in your organization with access to premium for $2 per player and choose between pay-as-you-go or fixed price purchasing options.

Real-time Analytics & Report Generation

Receive organization administrator app accounts that provide analytics to easily monitor program delivery quality in real-time and export reports for your record-keeping needs.

Personal Onboarding,  Implementation, & Support

One of our youth sports experts will set up your accounts, provide tools & tips to maximize resource adoption, and discuss strategies for how this tool can be used to grow your programs.

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