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Football Canada Mobile is transitioning to the Athlete Era Web & Mobile App for coaches. To learn more and get started for free today click here. FC Mobile will no longer be available for download after July 31, 2023. 


Free For Everyone

What's included

5 Example Skills

10 Example Drills

5 Pre-built Plans

Custom Plan & Drill Builder

Group Chat & Announcements

Scheduling & Attendance Tracking

Team Contact Information

Up To 100 Team Members


Football Canada Members: FREE

Non-members: $49/season


What's included

All Skills

All Drills

All Plans

Plan & Drill Sharing

Group Chat & Announcements

Scheduling & Attendance Tracking

Team Contact Information

Up To 100 Team Members


Skill & Drill Content

All skills and drills come complete with media and written text descriptions. Drills can be easily sorted by game type (for example, Flag VS Tackle football), player age level, and gameplay category (for example, shooting VS dribbling VS passing). You can also sort drills by newest, most viewed, and most popular. Find a drill you like? Add it to your favourites for quick access later. 

Pre-built Practice Plans

Pre-built plans come with written plan sections and descriptions as well as time recommendations. Plans are also embedded with drills and skills. This allows coaches to see full drill descriptions, videos and key skill breakdowns directly within their practice plan. 

Custom Plan & Drill Builder

Create your own plan sections, player groups and time limits. Add pre-built drills directly to your custom plan or create your drills with text and video. Easily change your plan week-to-week by swapping out drills or re-arranging plan sections. Custom plans & drills are saved to your coach account so they can be accessed from any team.

Plan & Drill Sharing

Instantly share plans with others who have joined your team, allowing coaches and team members to view drill and skill breakdowns through the app. Plans can be shared by posting them in your group chat or adding them to events on your team schedule.

Group Chat & Announcements

Send messages, share photos, videos, drills or plans with everyone on your team or just other coaches. Share important information by posting an announcement. Announcements are kept separate from your group chat so they're easy for everyone on your team to find.  

Scheduling & Attendance

Add events to your schedule to notify everyone on your team with a push notification about upcoming practices and games. See who's coming to events by having players, parents and other coaches RSVP in the app. Allow parents to sync your team's schedule with Google Calendar, iCalendar or Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Learn about FC Mobile features for coaches & teams and sign up for free today. 

Learn how to create an organization & get coaches set up on FC mobile

See each feature in action by watching our walkthrough videos.


Check out our product walkthrough videos and learn how to set up your organization on FC Mobile


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