How to get started


Download the mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play. After you open the app, create your mobile coaches account and join your league or local football association. After this, you will have completed the sign up process and can begin browsing educational resources, building plans and setting up your team for others to join.  


Once you have registered your club or association for a Football Canada mobile account, we will contact you to complete the account setup process by getting a list of your registered coaches and adding your organization name to the list of organizations that coaches can join when creating their account in the app.

All Of Your Resources In Once Place

Quickly access drills, practice plans, skill tutorials, pre-made plays, rules, and full program curriculum through a single app on your smartphone or tablet. The FC Mobile App comes complete with content to support tackle (6, 9, & 12-a-side), flag, the CFL Futures and First-down programs.

Practice Planning For Teams

New for 2020, coaches can create teams within the app and invite others to join through entering their team code. Creating a team allows coaches to then schedule practices and assign practice plans to their schedule so they can be easily shared with assistant coaches and parents.

Personalized Content Delivery

When coaches create a team or program, only Football Canada resources that are applicable to your exact program type (eg. tackle vs flag vs first down) and age group are moved into your teams content libraries. This ensures everyone gets only the resources they need, and nothing they don't.

Download and get started on April 9th 2020!

The all-in-one educational resource used by these provincial football associations

Wayne Shutra 
First-year Youth Football Coach

"Parents thought I had been coaching for years because of how I ran practice. In reality, this was my first year coaching football"

Educational Content Partnership

USA Football and Football Canada are now working together to help improve the quality of youth football through mobile learning. Beginning in the fall of 2020, all USA Football technical skill development resources, coaching progressions and drills will be available for Canadian football coaches through the Football Canada mobile learning app. 

 Administrators, Clubs & Associations

Provide access to the new Football Canada mobile learning app for your coaches, teams or members by registering your organization for a Football Canada mobile account.

FC Mobile App Implementation

If you are an administrator implementing the Football Canada mobile app for the first first time with your coaches, deliver this pre-designed presentation during your coaches orientation meeting.

Mobile App Success Stories 

See the results that youth football leagues and coaches in Saskatchewan experienced after successfully implementing this mobile resource within their programs in 2019.


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